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Cabinet, Window, & Door Painter Los Angeles

Paint your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, windows, or doors with House Renewal Pros to improve the aesthetic and value of your home. Painting your cabinets is a quick and easy method to modernize your outdated kitchen or bathroom, and it costs 75% less than buying new cabinets. We can even coordinate the installation of your new backslash, countertops, and hardware while painting your cabinets.
To assure long-term value, durability, and performance, we utilize a high-quality, off-site priming and spray painting technique.
Home Renewal Pros is a five-star rated, highly experienced professional painting contractor serving the Los Angeles region for years.

How to Paint a Cabinet for your Los Angeles Home

  1. Estimates depending on the project – no surprises!
  2. Tarps are used to cover the flooring.
  3. Remove all door hardware and clean all surfaces.
  4. Doors and drawers should be removed for painting offsite.
  5. De-gloss surfaces with a de-glossing chemical.
  6. Fill up holes, cracks, and use a good primer.
  7. Between coats of finish, sand the surfaces.
  8. Faces should be sprayed with two coats of spray finish.
  9. Finish the bases with two coats of finish paint.
  10. Doors, drawers, and hardware should all be reinstalled.
  11. Every day, clean up the work location.

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